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Beer Guys TV Podcast – Bent Paddle Brewing Valve Jockey Imperial Kvass

If we could be called anything, it's certainly not a "jockey", but we do like to taste and talk about beer. Bent Paddle Brewing has introduced a new series of beers called "Valve Jockey". Why Valve Jockey? This, from their website, explains, "What is a Valve Jockey? Over the course of the last coup

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Hoops Brewing Company IPA and Porter

There are new breweries popping up all over and one of the Beer Guys and his Gal were in Duluth, Minnesota during a brand-new brewery opening, so new in fact that one of the beers we had an opportunity to try had just been finished the day Beer Guy Chad, was heading home. We christen this podcast wi

Beer Guys TV Podcast – A Surlys IPA Challenge

you think you know your Surly? Surly IPA? We sure did, because we drink a lot of it, and Surly Brewing has a few IPAs. The beer guys challenge themselves with a blind taste test of IPAs from Surly Brewing Company. We take five of their widely distributed canned IPAs; Xtra-Citra Pale Ale, Todd the Ax

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Sessional IPAs

Sometimes you just want a light alcohol beer or three without the heaviness, yet all the hop flavor it can muster. This is where these sessional IPAs come in. One is seasonal, one started out seasonal but has since become year around and the third is year around. We are reviewing Surly Brewing's Xtr

Beer Guys TV Podcast – ‘Merica Themed Beer

We celebrate the red, white, and blue with American themed cans from a couple of prominent craft brewers in Minnesota. Get ready for a review of Third Street Brewhouse's new Free Speech Red Ale and Surly Brewing's #Merica Pre-Prohibition American Lager. Two very different and distinct beers themed f

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Finnegans Dead Irish Poet Stout

Finnegans is a philanthropy beer that gives all of its profits to feed the hungry. It's a beer you can feel good quenching your thirst with because you are also feeding the hungry, and feeding your thirst at the same time. Beer Guys TV gives the limited release Dead Irish Poet Stout and true read,

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Leinenkugel’s Bavarian Dunkel

From Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, this seasonal beer from Leinenkugel's wards off the winter blahs. Bavarian Dunkel "is a medium bodied dark lager brewed with notes of cocoa, toasted malt and mild winter spices that blend perfectly with a hint of berries" according to their website. So we thought we'd

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Voyageur Brewing Devil’s Kettle and Trailbreaker

We venture to the arrowhead of Minnesota for the taste of the Northland. Well, actually it came to us in a bottle, but still, the Beer Guys give Voyageur Brewing a taste test. This time, we break trail with Voyageur's Trailbreaker, and then we go for the Devil's Kettle IPA. Listen to the Beer Guys p

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Schell’s 2016 Snowstorm British Style Ale

Every year, Schell's Brewery creates a new Snowstorm, and every years it is a different recipe never to be repeated again. Sometimes that's a good thing. We've had Snowstorms where we couldn't finish a six pack, and we've had Snowstorms where we wish it was an all-year affair. So how does Snowstorm

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Saugatuck Brewing Blueberry Maple Stout

Saugatuck Brewing out of Douglas Michigan brings together two of our favorite wild flavors and infuses them into a stout beer that we just had to try. They state that their Blueberry Maple Stout is "A sweet milk stout with all the malt characteristics you love but with a bold, unique twist- this bee

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Peace Tree Rye Porter

If you like a good Porter, and some of us Beer Guys (and gals) do, you might want to check out this unique brew from Peace Tree Brewing out of Knoxville, Iowa. Here's how they describe this beer; "Get your own bags, this is no ordinary porter! Peace Tree Rye Porter gets a boost from malted rye and c