Beer Guys TV Podcast – Bloody Mary’s

OK, so this week we don’t necessarily review a beer, but we do review something just as nutritious and it’s something that goes with beer. Greg Johnson’s sister, Roxi, apparently makes these Bloody Mary’s that are outstanding. It’s something she makes for the Sunday football games, and while not a staple of Beer Guy Greg, he does enjoy one every now and then….with a beer chaser. Check out this week’s episode as Greg, Rick and Roxi mix it up.


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We are just a few guys who enjoy the finer things in life. One of them is BEER! We like everything from the mainstream brands and the traditional American lighter brews to the craft/microbrews and darker full-flavored beers. The Beer Crew just likes the free beer and it doesn't matter what kind it is (well mostly, anyway). So, we try to sample all kinds of beers and expand our beer pallette. We in turn let you in on our opinion. We travel to different breweries, events, bars and beer related locations and let you come along via our videos. So, have beer will travel (responsibly of course!). We hope you enjoy our experiences!