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Hi, we are Greg and Rich, the Beer Slob and the Beer Snob. We are just a couple of guys from the middle of Minnesota who like to enjoy a variety of beers and have a little fun in the process.

Greg is more of your blue collar kinda guy who mostly likes your simple workin’ man beers with a few exceptions. He’s all about keeping it simple and having fun.

Rich likes some of the beers that are a little more bold and fuller flavored. Rich is a little more on the ‘uppity’ side and you probably wouldn’t catch him at a WWE event or a dirt track race (at least not without the slob dragging him along)! His wife keeps him in line but allows him to have a litte fun as well.

Together we are the Beer Guys and we hope you have some fun and maybe even learn a little something on the way.  Here’s to good beer for all… Cheers!

6 Responses to Our Story

  • Steve Howard says:

    Guys –
    Thanks for the Youtube Friend invite which I accepted. While I may not be the same level of beer enthusiast as you folks, your humor, video clips, and information are priceless.

    Nice to see another Minnesotan make good!

    All the best

    Steve from Texas

  • admin says:

    Thanks Steve, we appreciate that. We just try to entertain and inform. We hope you continue to enjoy the show as we have lots of good stuff coming up. Feel free to spread the word. Sounds like you are one of the smart ones and moved south! Thanks again and God bless Texas (and MN too!).

    The Beer Guys

  • Crystal V. says:

    I have never tasted the Schell brand, but I believe our very own Dan Schell is still trying to find a way that he’s related to the Schell folks so he can get free beer.

  • admin says:

    Well, I know how you underpaid radio people are… always looking for a break. Can’t say as I blame him! lol

  • T-Bone says:

    Hey Y’all!! I finaly was able to get up to date on all your shows. keep up the good work B-guys!!! update on “The Hood” we added on to it and my Keg-a-rator is back up and running!! Yee- Haw!!!! cold Coors Light on draft….

  • admin says:

    Well alright there T-Bone, glad to hear the kegerator is back up to speed! Hope you liked the shows, we will start airing our regular shows here on the website soon as wel. So… stay tuned and keep stopping back. Hope you are enjoying some good weather in N Carolina!

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About The Beer Guys

We are just a few guys who enjoy the finer things in life. One of them is BEER! We like everything from the mainstream brands and the traditional American lighter brews to the craft/microbrews and darker full-flavored beers. The Beer Crew just likes the free beer and it doesn't matter what kind it is (well mostly, anyway). So, we try to sample all kinds of beers and expand our beer pallette. We in turn let you in on our opinion. We travel to different breweries, events, bars and beer related locations and let you come along via our videos. So, have beer will travel (responsibly of course!). We hope you enjoy our experiences!