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Random Beer Review – Natty, not too Baddy!

I was recently in North Carolina for work and had a couple days off so I wandered around and found a couple places that offered some local craft beers. I… Continue reading

Random Beer Review – Costa Rican Beers

My daughter (Angie) and I recently went on a trip to Costa Rica to experience this beautiful Central American country, and break away from the intense cold and snow of… Continue reading

Girls Like Craft Beer? Yep!

With the advent of Craft Beer, most people see a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer and talking about how this brewery makes this and that brewery makes that… Continue reading

Random Beer Review – Switch Monkey from Roanoke Railhouse Brewery

I was recently traveling in Virginia and wanted to try something local so I picked up a 22oz bottle of Switch Monkey from Roanoke Railhouse Brewery. This beer is Belgium… Continue reading

Random Beer Review- Alien Amber Ale… It’s out There!

I was recently traveling in the Southwest United States and stopped into a small Mexican restaurant in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. I ordered up a meal and asked what they… Continue reading

Want to be More Creative? Have a Beer!

So, you want to come up with something cleaver or unique but can’t get your brain focused? Have a beer or two! Or, if you are just trying to be… Continue reading

Random Beer Review – Dragon’s Milk

It was a cold winter’s night here in Minnesota, I was looking for something to quench my thirst and warm my inards. As I looked through my refrigerator’s offerings, hoping… Continue reading

Rapid Beer Review – UFO, where in the world?

Well, I had this beer in the fridge and have been wanting to try it for some time now. While it’s a bit late in the season for a wheat… Continue reading

Random Brew Review – St Arnolds Amber Ale

I was recently in Houston for an event at the House of Blues and decided to have a beer, I asked the bartender if they had anything local and he… Continue reading

Article – Pumpkin Keg for Halloween

Now this is a clever idea for Halloween. I saw this on and had to share it. If you want to serve a pumpkin ale or any beer really… Continue reading is Sponsored by:

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