Photo Gallery

Here are a variety of photos from the Beer Guys and the Brew Crew as we do shows and travel around the globe in the name of beer. Click on any image to enlarge.
Beer, Wings and Angie

Angie at the Anchor Bar

Buffalo NY

Buffalo NY from my hotel room

Brewery in Buffalo NY

Pearl Street Brewery Buffalo NY

Bar in Buffalo NY

At Gabriels Gate in Buffalo NY

Glass of Beer and Wings

Wings 'N Beer at The Anchor Bar Buffalo NY

beer and chicken wings

Wings and Beer at the Anchor Bar... gone!

At the Beer and Wine tasting

At the Eagles Event (Crazies Behind Us)

Brian from Locher Bros

Brian from Locher Bros along with Greg and fan

Crowd at the beer tasting event

Tasters at the Eagles in Litchfield MN

Beer Guys at the Beer Expo

Getting Ready in St Cloud

Beer Slob

Beer Slob stealing some Lambic

2011 St Cloud Beer Expo

Beer Snob w/Mike Lewis and Schells

Beer Snob with Tod

Beer Slob interviewing Tod from Mantorville Brewing

Snob with hotties

So, this is where the Snob went!

Beer Guys with Leech Lake Brewing

Beer Guys with Greg from Leech Lake Brewing

At St Cloud Beer Expo

Beer Guys and Prof Pilsner with Fat Tire

Rocket Rob and the Beer Guys

Rob and the Beer Guys

Beer guys and Rob

Beers to ya!

The Brew Crew and Rob

'Rocket' Rob and BGTV staff

Ready for Beer Guys filming

On the BGTV set w/Rob

Beer Guys with hats

Christmas 2010

Beer Guys Producers

Santa's Helpers?!

Beer Guys Christmas dinner

Beer Snob at Christmas

Beer Guys Professor

The Professor and the Snob

ABR fun

Snob and Jerry ready for ABR

The Crew at the Autumn Brew Review

Shane and Jerry 'working'

Autumn Brew Review crowd

Some of the ABR crowd

Rich at the Autumn Brew Review

Beer Snob looking spooky!

Mike and Greg at OC

Slob with Superfan Mike in CO

Greg and Ponch in AZ

Slob with Superfan Ponch in AZ

Slob and Snob at Zellas

Beer Guys with Tiffany of Zellas

Beer dinner at Zellas

Beer Guys at Zellas

Shane at Zellas

Shane working the 'sky cam'

Jerry Greg and Shane

Slob and crew at Zellas

Vince and Sue at Jacks Tavern

Our Benson fans having fun at Jacks

Dam Brewery in Dillon CO

Slob made a stop in Dillon CO

Last details at Beer Guys TVBeer Guys studioBeer Slob paintingRich working on the new Beer Guys studioLast minute details on the Beer Guys Studio
The Beer Slob at Rockyard

The Slob at Rockyard Brewing in Castle Rock CO

Rockyard Brewery bottling

Bottling at Rockyard Brewing

Kjell and Jim at Rockyard

Kjell Wygant and Jim Stinson at Rockyard Brewery

Kjell cleaning the beer vat

Kjell cleaning the tank at the Rockyard

Beer Guys fans Roxi and Rick

Beer Guys fans Roxi and Rick at Old Chicago

Beer Guys with Beer

The Beer Guys doing what they do best

The Brew Crew getting serious at Old Chicago

Shane and Jerry getting serious!

Beer Guys and Crew with OC staff

Beer Guys with OC staff (and some crazy people in the background)

Beer Slob and Mike

Old Chicago Patron giving the Beer Slob the Business!

completes world beer tour

O C patron completing first world beer tour!

Beer Guys and new fans

The Beer Guys and some new fans from Iowa

Jerry and Old Chicago staff

Jerry likes Old Chicago!

Beer Guys in Wisconsin

Beer Guys in Wisconsin

Beer Guys with Race Girls

The Beer Guys with Race Chicks!

New Beer Guys Fan in Indy

Beer Guys TV fan Alli from Finland

The Brew Crew

The Brew Crew on tour

Beer Slob at Indy

Beer Slob at the big race

Beer Guys Fans at Indy

Hanging with friends in Indy!

Beer Guys in Indy

Beer Guys sampling local beer in Indy

Beer Guys at the Track

Beer Guys at the track

Beer Snob pouring out a budweiser

Beer Snob Kills Another one with Friends in Indy

Beer Guys at Indy

Beer Guys at the big race

Indy 500 2010

Out of turn 4 at Indy 2010

Beer Snob

Beer Snob checking out Sprecher Amber

Beer Slob

Beer Slob Wheeling the Beer Wagon on the tour

Beer Snob with Brew guy Dustin

Beer Snob with Dustin Brau at Brau Bros Brewing in Lucan MN

Beer Slob and Dustin

Beer Slob, Dustin Brau and Old '56

Beer Guys and Westside staff

Beer Guys and crew with Westside Liquor staff

Beer guys getting ready

Beer Guys listening to Prof Pilsner

Beer Guys fans

Lucky Beer Guys Fans at Squeakys

The Beer Guys and family

The Beer Guys & family at Squeakys in Hutchinson MN

Beer Guys TV staff having beer and pizza

Brainstorming over pizza and beer

Beer crew getting ready

The Beer Crew getting ready at Thirstys

Beer Guys with Tavern owners

The Beer Guys with Rob & Connie of Thirsty's

The Beer Guys Chillin'

The Snob and Slob chillin' at Thirsty's in Dassel MN

The Beer Guys

The Beer Guys by the Beer Guys banner

The Beer Guys again

Don't even ask! Weirdness at Thirsty's in Dassel MN

The Brew Crew after the Beer Show

The Brew Crew relaxing after the show

Beer Guys TV Crew

Shane and Jerry in Beer Guys Crew shirts

Brew Crew member Jerry

Jerry setting up one of the cameras

The Beer Guys ready to shoot

The Slob and the Snob getting ready for the next episode

Having a beer at Paddy's Pub

At Paddy's bar on the Chateau Elan Winery grounds 3/10

Beer sign at Beerfest

This sign was at a bar in New Orleans... it says it all! lol

Slob having a beer in the french quarter

The Beer Slob sampling an 'Andy Gator' on Bourbon St

Beer Guys TV Fan T-Bone

Beer TV Superfan T-Bone and I in Louisville KY 4/10

The Beer Snob in Mexico

The Beer Snob trying to educate some would be listeners 3/10

Beer guys drinking a beer

The Beer Guys still at the Lamplighter!


21 Responses to Photo Gallery

  • t-bone says:

    Hey Slob is that a Petty shirt? LOL looking forward to the new shows ………..t-bone

  • admin says:

    Good eye there T-bone, it is indeed a Petty shirt. Can’t remember where I got it! lol

  • Lori says:

    Where will the Tahoe be parked? Just worried about the beer wench. LOL

  • Roxi says:

    Dig the new set, really cute frige there Slob!!

  • Da Torch says:

    Still lacking scenery!!Bring on the Beer Babes!!!

  • The Ponch says:

    Every town has a town drunk……..well in this Town looks like they have two, Hey love the new look Beer Guys keep up the good work and like always “Beers to ya”. lol

    The Ponch

  • T-Bone says:

    Hey Y’all !! I just visited Green Bay WI, great place- yes there is a BEER stop on every corner and in between. Had a few beers at Curly’s pub (at lambeau feild) tried Curly’s special ALE!! It was ok maybe 2 stiens, kind of wheaty tasting?!? Come to find out it is brewed near by for all local watering holes they just give it their own name… still give it a try,
    later ya’ll

  • Faye Prieve says:

    I think the photo gallery is a great idea. I am excited for my boys with their web site. Love you two crazy guys.

  • Dorie says:

    I had no idea my GodFather had so much talent! LOL!

  • Melissa says:

    Can’t wait for another episode!! When is the next on location I will stop by and watch you drink some beer!!

  • Bill & Twiggy says:

    Well, what can I say, love the photos, you will have to bring Rich back to Australia for a visit and do some shows (remember you and Rob being “The Foster Brothers” when you had your visit to Australia), could be Foster Brothers Part 2! Your buddies from Down Under Bill & Twiggy. We have plenty of beer here!

  • admin says:

    Thanks guys, we appreicate having our Ozzy fans onboard. And ya just never know, Rich and I will go just about anywhere for free beer!

  • Faye Prieve says:

    Keep adding new pics, really enjoy seeing them. Adds a lot to the site.

  • Rob says:

    I think the beerguys decal must have been a good luck charm the 19B ended up getting his best heat race finish so far 2nd… Hoping the next feature race goes as well as this one keep up the good work guys!!! Why is the snob hung up on the heavy beer? The thicker the liquor the more it triggers his ticker?! lol

  • Larry says:

    Snob & Slob!
    Love your site guys!
    Sorry I missed you yesterday morning. Hope you had a safe trip back.
    Let’s see some Indy pics on here!

  • admin says:

    Thanks Larry, the Beer Guys enjoyed meeting you as well and we did have a safe trip back. Indy pics will be up soon!

  • doug travis says:

    Beer Guys!
    4th of July, fireworks @ mount rushmore, Homeland Brewing
    will have a Presidents Pale Ale for ya (a president u can trust)
    Stop on by! “Let Freedom Drink”

  • admin says:

    Sounds like a tasty offer there Doug, ya just never know where the Beer Guys might pop up next! We’re feeling more patriotic by the minute!

  • Lucia says:

    This message is for the beer slob…your new “purple fan” in Ashburn VA is still waiting for those pictures by the “hot” car to show up on your site or in my in-box…

  • Faye Prieve says:

    We need to see a few more pictures of the Professor on here.

  • admin says:

    We will see if we can’t get the professor on camera a bit more!

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