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BeerGuys Cooking With Beer – Belgian Malted Beer Waffles

Beer. It isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Well, actually maybe it could be. Beer Guy Shane Zeppelin created this modified Belgian waffle recipe and gave it a whirl!

I love… Continue reading

The Craze for Craft Beer

by Spencer Blohm

The massive level of interest in beer and growing popularity of craft beer of all types means that there is a definite need for more shows about craft… Continue reading

Girls Like Craft Beer? Yep!

With the advent of Craft Beer, most people see a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer and talking about how this brewery makes this and that brewery makes that… Continue reading

South Florida BrewFest Stands Apart from Other Beer Festivals

The South Florida BrewFest stands apart from all other beer festivals, as we only allow Florida breweries, brewpubs and other brewing organizations to participate. Instead of big name beer companies… Continue reading

Want to be More Creative? Have a Beer!

So, you want to come up with something cleaver or unique but can’t get your brain focused? Have a beer or two! Or, if you are just trying to be… Continue reading

Random Beer Review – Dragon’s Milk

It was a cold winter’s night here in Minnesota, I was looking for something to quench my thirst and warm my inards. As I looked through my refrigerator’s offerings, hoping… Continue reading

Article – Pumpkin Keg for Halloween

Now this is a clever idea for Halloween. I saw this on and had to share it. If you want to serve a pumpkin ale or any beer really… Continue reading

Article – Cool Event Planned for Brewer’s Conference

DOWNINGTOWN, PA – Victory Brewing Company and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery are pleased to announce their plans to co-host a non-traditional art exhibit to celebrate the artistry of craft beer… Continue reading

Article – Beer Wars, the Fight to Survive

A very interesting and eye opening video was brought to our attention just the other day and it is called Beer Wars. It’s a documentary about the struggle for market… Continue reading

Article – New Report Shows America’s Favorite Beers

So, you have your favorite beer or beers right? Have your tastes changed, have you found yourself enjoying a different beer or two of a different style or taste? If… Continue reading is Sponsored by:

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