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Beer Guys TV Podcast – Oktoberfest 2015

It's that time of year again, yes Oktoberfest, where Germans celebrate and partake in festivities, food, music and beer. Oktoberfest began as a Royal Wedding where the entire town was invited to celebrate. It has since risen to become one of the largest festivities in the World and Oktoberfest conti

BeerGuysTV Podcast – Sierra Nevada Porter

Hey Porter, hey porter, bring us some beer. We're ridin' the train singin' the blues, and need to get outta here. Not really, but we do review Sierra Nevada's Porter during this Beer Guys TV podcast. One of the best brewers int he US, but do they bring it to the table with this dark beer, or do they

BeerGuysTV Podcast – Poblano Stout

If you're looking for a different take on a stout beer, you might want to try the Poblano Stout by Big Choice Brewing. Greg brought this beer and didn't give us a choice, but to try it. Made with de-seeded poblan peppers and dry-hopped, this oatmeal stout has a smoky aroma. So what do the Beer Guys

BeerGuysTV Podcast – Indeed LSD and Big Eddie Royal Nektar

Take a trip with the Beer Guys as they pay tribute to the color purple with these purple labelled brews. References to Prince and the '60s may come out of this session, but mainly two reviews of brews that take a path of their own. If you're willing to open your mind, listen to this podcast and see

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Pabst Old Tankard Ale

Can an old traditional beer brand compete in the craft beer market? How about when the beer is cheap? Well, Pabst Blue Ribbon enters the market with Old Tankard Ale. We give it a try and you might be surprised with our review. We certainly were. Listen as the Beer Guys review Old Tankard Ale.

Beer Guys TV Podcast – F-Town Nutso Nut Brown Ale

You're driving me nuts! No, YOU are driving ME nuts! No, you're just Nutso...and so is this beer from F-Town brewing. It's a little different take than a regular nut brown ale brew, but the really nutty thing is, apparently F-Town is going to change the name. Now that's nutso. Meanwhile, the Beer Gu

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale

Happy Birthday America! We now celebrate with "the first modern American IPA brewed after prohibition and the first modern American single-hop ale and dry-hopped ale"; Liberty Ale. Brewed by Anchor Brewing in San Francisco. It's claimed to be the first and oldest craft brewery in America, with roots

Beer Guys TV Podcast – 612 Unrated Rye IPA

Here's a beer with a flavor profile that can be an acquired taste. West Coast IPA meets Midwest Rye and the result is Unrated. An Unrated Rye IPA, that is. Of course, we'll try anything once...or twice, so when we tried this brew from 612, how does it fare? Listen and find out about 612's Unrated Ry

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Saint Arnold Brewing’s Santo

If you like a Kolsch, and you like dark beer, you might want to give Santo a try. This is a very unique and custom beer that was developed after label artist Carlos Hernandez, who is known for his Day of the Dead Rock Star series of paintings and prints, created it. After several recipes and attemp

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Sierra Nevada Otra Vez

Sierra Nevada is one of our favorite brewers, but don't let that suade you into thinking we go easy on our reviews of their brews. We are equal opportunity beer guys, and everyone gets the same chitter chatter. Otra Vez is SN's attempt at a light warm-weather drink, made with cactus juice and grapef

Beer Guys TV Podcast – WoodGrain Brewery

Fine atmosphere, fine food, and fine beer make for a fine day. Beer Guy, Greg Johnson and his significant other, Carol, were at the WoodGrain Brewery in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, enjoying the day. They decided it might be fun to do a podcast, so here it is! While they enjoy some food, they also enj

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Abita Brewing Turbodog

Louisiana is known for a lot of things, not the least of which is Abita Brewing Company. They produce some great brews with a unique twist. One of them might be Turbodog, which is a dark brown ale (not to be confused with a "nut" brown ale). Similar in style, but different in flavor. So how do the B