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BeerGuys Podcast – Deschutes Fresh Squeezed

Nothing says summer like a hopped-up car...or a hopped up beer. This one from DeSchutes Brewing is plenty hopped up? How hopped up? It's Fresh Squeezed, that's how, if that even makes sense. Try to make sense of this episode while the Beer Guys talk about DeSchutes Brewing Fresh Squeezed IPA.

BeerGuys Podcast – Rahr Iron Thistle

On a recent trip to Texas, one of the Beer Guys picked up this beer brewed in Fort Worth. It's a Scottish Style Ale named Iron Thistle. It's a seasonal ale available from February until it runs out, which might not be too long after. How does it fair on the Beer Guys palettes? This episode will reve

BeerGuys Podcast – Green Flash Brewing

This Beer Guys TV Podcast brings you our review on brews created by Green Flash Brewing out of San Diego, CA. We try three; West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red, and the Double Stout Black Ale. Which was our favorite? You'll have to listen to find out.  

Random Beer Review – Natty, not too Baddy!

I was recently in North Carolina for work and had a couple days off so I wandered around and found a couple places that offered some local craft beers. I had seen Natty Greene's Beers before but hadn't gotten a chance to try one. My first taste of this brew was from a bottle. This is Natty Greene's

BeerGuys Podcast – Magic Hat Number 9

There may, or may not be, a Beatles reference in this podcast about this particular brew. All the way from Vermont, this "not quite pale ale" traveled it's way to Minnesota. It's a pale ale of sorts, and hard to describe, bu the Beer Guys do their best. Listen as Greg Johnson, Jerry W. Cook, and Sha

BeerGuys Podcast – Mankato Brewing Mint Stout

A Stout is a Stout is a Stout...unless it's a Mint Stout. What?!? Mint? That's what we thought. What do we think? In this podcast, Beer Guys Shane, Greg, and Jerry taste test this dark elixir from Mankato Brewing, just one of the dozens of Minnesota breweries around the state. This is a seasonal sto

BeerGuys Podcast – Bell’s Brewery Hopslam

This beer was recent'y featured in the Minneapolis Star Tribune and touted as the best beer in America. It's brewed once a year and sells out in hours when it's released. Beer Guys Greg, Jerry, and Shane were lucky enough to get a six pack (albeit an expensive one), and are able to review this beer.

BeerGuys Podcast – Oskar Blues Brewery Three Beers

This beer is too strong. This beer is too weak. This beer is just right. The Beer Guys are a bunch of Goldilocks's and they simply can't agree which Oskar Blues beer might be just right for them...or can they? Beer Guys Greg Johnson, Shane Zeppelin, and Jerry W. Cook (the Third), give three beers fr

BeerGuys Podcast – Quilmes Premium Lager

Some words are just hard to pronounce...at least Greg may think so. Quilmes...er, Queelmez, um...well, let's just say "Qui-mez" for now, is a Premium Lager made in Argentina and started in 1888. That's a pretty long time ago. It claims to be Argentina's favorite beer. Who are we to argue? We're the

BeerGuys Podcast – Firestone DBA

Greg Johnson reviews Firestone Walker Brewing Company's Double Barrel Ale. This beer is barrel fermented using Firestone Walker's patented process. This beer isn't just found anywhere, but Greg can sure find them. Listen while he fills you in the best he can regarding this unique ale and how this be

BeerGuys Podcast – 3 Floyds Alpha King

What do you get when you combine a floyd with a floyd with a floyd? Apparently some good beer! Well, at least that's what Greg might think as he is joined by two of his beer loving friends, Rob Caho and Dan Salas, to taste test Alpha King by 3 Floyds brewing. Enjoy this episode.

BeerGuys Podcast – Kingfisher

Beer Guy, Greg Johnson, reviews another India ale called Kingfisher. It's supposedly the World's number one selling Indian beer. Kingfisher is a premium lager, light in color, not unlike many of the lagers we are accustomed to in the USA. Find out what Greg thinks of this World renowned India Premiu