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BeerGuys Podcast – Quilmes Premium Lager

Some words are just hard to pronounce...at least Greg may think so. Quilmes...er, Queelmez, um...well, let's just say "Qui-mez" for now, is a Premium Lager made in Argentina and started in 1888. That's a pretty long time ago. It claims to be Argentina's favorite beer. Who are we to argue? We're the

BeerGuys Podcast – Firestone DBA

Greg Johnson reviews Firestone Walker Brewing Company's Double Barrel Ale. This beer is barrel fermented using Firestone Walker's patented process. This beer isn't just found anywhere, but Greg can sure find them. Listen while he fills you in the best he can regarding this unique ale and how this be

BeerGuys Podcast – 3 Floyds Alpha King

What do you get when you combine a floyd with a floyd with a floyd? Apparently some good beer! Well, at least that's what Greg might think as he is joined by two of his beer loving friends, Rob Caho and Dan Salas, to taste test Alpha King by 3 Floyds brewing. Enjoy this episode.

BeerGuys Podcast – Kingfisher

Beer Guy, Greg Johnson, reviews another India ale called Kingfisher. It's supposedly the World's number one selling Indian beer. Kingfisher is a premium lager, light in color, not unlike many of the lagers we are accustomed to in the USA. Find out what Greg thinks of this World renowned India Premiu

BeerGuys Podcast – Odell Woodcut Series No. 7 Russian Imperial Stout

What could be better than a -16 degree F evening in Minnesota? A -16 degree F evening with the Beer Guys! Oh, and a special beer by Odell Brewing. Odell's Woodcut Series is a special, hand-crafted small batch beer brewed once and then retired. On this podcast, the Beer Guys review No. 7 in the serie

Random Beer Review – Costa Rican Beers

My daughter (Angie) and I recently went on a trip to Costa Rica to experience this beautiful Central American country, and break away from the intense cold and snow of Minnesota… at least for a week. Well, what kind of a Beer Guy would I be if we didn’t try to sample some of the brew available i

BeerGuys TV Cool Beer Tools – Beer Soap from Feeding the Habit

Greg takes a stroll in downtown Litchfield, Minnesota, and discovers Stacy Neuhaus of Feeding the Habit selling home made bar soap made with beer! Although technically not a tool, soap is a much needed item in our lives, and why not use the kind with beer in it? Also, locally harvested honey, great

BeerGuys Cooking With Beer – Belgian Malted Beer Waffles

Beer. It isn't just for breakfast anymore. Well, actually maybe it could be. Beer Guy Shane Zeppelin created this modified Belgian waffle recipe and gave it a whirl! I love Belgian waffles, especially the malted kind. I did some research and found some people added beer to their recipe, so I thought

BeerGuys Podcast – Estrella Damm

On our last trip to Barcelona, the Beer Guys check out Estrella Damm. OK, we didn't actualy travel to Barcelona, this beer came to us. Estrella Damm is from Barcelona. It's a beer brewed with malts, hops, and rice using a recipe dating back to 1876. Does it taste like it comes from 1876? Listen to t

The Craze for Craft Beer

by Spencer Blohm The massive level of interest in beer and growing popularity of craft beer of all types means that there is a definite need for more shows about craft beer — about the excitement surrounding the craft beer culture, the expansive variety of brews, the local innovative breweries ar

BeerGuys Podcast – Harriet Brewing Rauchfest and Marzen

There's a little brewery in Minneapolis that sells beer a growler at a time. The Beer Guys compare Harriet's special Rauchfest beer and their Marzen (Oktoberfest) brews. The Rauchfest is only available during their special Rauchfest Celebration in October, but the Beer Guys being who they are were a

Girls Like Craft Beer? Yep!

With the advent of Craft Beer, most people see a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer and talking about how this brewery makes this and that brewery makes that etc and sprinkling in some manly stories of when they were at the game or out hunting, they enjoyed a certain beer etc. But, wait a mi