Beer Guys TV Podcast – Bloody Mary’s

OK, so this week we don’t necessarily review a beer, but we do review something just as nutritious and it’s something that goes with beer. Greg Johnson’s sister, Roxi, apparently makes these Bloody Mary’s that are outstanding. It’s something she makes for the Sunday football games, and while not a staple of Beer Guy Greg, he does…

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Asahi Black Lager

Nothing says Japan like a black lager. This week the Beer Guys sample Asahi Black, an imported lager brewed in Japan. This beer is brewed with roasted malts, but not much hop. How do the Beer Guys like it? You’ll have to listen to find out.  

Beer Guys TV Podcast – You Brew It Taste Test

This week, the Beer Guys do a blind taste test with three different beers. Two of those brews are home brewed, pitted against a national craft brand. Beer Guy Brent Anderson brings two of his recipes in this blind taste test. Can the Beer Guys tell the difference? You might be surprised as were we….

Beer Guys TV Podcast – Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale

It isn’t just for breakfast anymore. I’m talking about BACON! That’s right, bacon is the new Chuck Norris, and it’s part of a delicious flavor offered up by Rogue Ales and Spirits Brewery from Newport, Oregon. Rogue offers many strange flavors and brews and this concoction comes in a pink painted bottle with some sort…

Sweaty Betty Beer

BGTV Podcast – The Beer Guys Have a Date With Sweaty Betty

We invite Sweaty Betty into the satellite studio on this week’s podcast. Sweaty Betty is a blonde…a wheat blonde, that is. She has the scent of clove and banana, and tickles your tongue with a light tingly effervescence that makes you yearn for more. Or maybe not. Listen to this week’s podcast to hear what the Beer…

BeerGuysTV Podcast Episode 6 – BGTV Ratings

In this podcast, the beer guys talk about how they rate the beers they try and what each rating means. We also talk a bit about beers in general. Listen and let us know what you think.

‘Crack Open Your Summer’ a Success!

Well, the first annual ‘Crack Open Your Summer’ beer tasting event held by the Litchfield MN Eagles Auxiliary was held on May 7th and was deemed a big success! Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the event. The event was sponsored by Beer Guys TV, The Darwin Liquor Store and Peaceful Thymes of…