Beer Guys TV Podcast – El Steinber

We taste this Dark Lager called El Steinber brewed in California. We actually didn’t think we were going to like this one, based purely on the can and label… just goes to show ya, never judge a beer without tasting it. So, we give this brew the Beer Guys once over on this podcast… hope…

BeerGuys Podcast – Firestone DBA

Greg Johnson reviews Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s Double Barrel Ale. This beer is barrel fermented using Firestone Walker’s patented process. This beer isn’t just found anywhere, but Greg can sure find them. Listen while he fills you in the best he can regarding this unique ale and how this beer fares.  

Alien Beer

Random Beer Review- Alien Amber Ale… It’s out There!

I was recently traveling in the Southwest United States and stopped into a small Mexican restaurant in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. I ordered up a meal and asked what they had for local brews. They mentioned that they offer a couple beers from Sierra Blanca Brewing in Moriarty, NM (just outside of Albuquerque). I took…

Dragons Mile Ale

Random Beer Review – Dragon’s Milk

It was a cold winter’s night here in Minnesota, I was looking for something to quench my thirst and warm my inards. As I looked through my refrigerator’s offerings, hoping to find a beer that would do both of those things, I spied a bottle of Dragon’s Milk from New Holland Brewing. I have been…